HMV 26th March 2021

For many people, Easter is a time of great hope. Could I thank the Trust Chaplain, Philip Millward, for delivering two Easter services in the courtyard this week. This week’s assembly was based on inventions; I challenged senior school students to consider if the greatest inventions had been delivered through creativity or necessity? We looked at Dr James Simpson and his quest to find ‘artificial sleep’. Through his work (and a very willing Queen Victoria-on the birth of her eighth child!) we now have chloroform. Through scientific inquiry, research and invention the world now has a vaccine to combat the coronavirus, bringing hope to us all. For some families, the change in season and weather will bring great hope. It was wonderful on the last day of term to hear and see all our pupils enjoying time outside in our glorious grounds in the beautiful sunshine - what joy and hope for the future! Click here to read on.