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  • Published on 10/09/21 by Julia Whittle

    HMV 10th September

    Welcome Back It’s always important to start a new academic year in a positive, optimistic state of mind. It is wonderful to see all the students back at LGSS - and looking so smart in their new uniform. To read more click here
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  • Published on 18/06/21 by Julia Whittle

    HMV 18 June

    I am always rather nervous about promoting current role models.  I once did an assembly on the ‘brilliant, inspirational’ athlete Oscar Pistorius. 6 months later, he was arrested! In today’s assembly, we touched on Marcus Rashford.  Not only is this young man a hugely...
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  • Published on 28/05/21 by Julia Whittle

    HMV 28th May

    The Trust Chaplain, Philip Millward led an assembly this morning, focusing on Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt.  It’s a famous biblical story about hope and perseverance. The Israelites, having faced numerous hardships, remained positive.  It’s an inspirational story f...
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  • Published on 14/05/21 by Julia Whittle

    HMV 14th May 2021

    There is a view that ‘the lessons we learn outside the classroom are equally if not more important than the ones we learn inside’. Both are important at Stoneygate! Despite Covid restrictions (and enforced bubbles) school has been keen, where possible, to develop the co-curricular sid...
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  • Published on 04/05/21 by Sarah Simpkin

    HMV 30th April 2021

    Before looking at Hitler’s leadership skills this week with Year 9, I asked them what they thought of our Prime Minister’s leadership skills during the pandemic. There were some comments about his ability to ‘vaccinate the nation’ and other comments relating to his appearance...
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  • Published on 26/03/21 by Sarah Simpkin

    HMV 26th March 2021

    For many people, Easter is a time of great hope. Could I thank the Trust Chaplain, Philip Millward, for delivering two Easter services in the courtyard this week. This week’s assembly was based on inventions; I challenged senior school students to consider if the greatest inventions had been d...
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  • Published on 15/03/21 by Sarah Simpkin

    HMV 12th March 2021

      I must congratulate all staff and pupils for their efforts with remote learning…but it’s wonderful to have school back together. Stoneygate is very much a team effort. We all have the same objective: to deliver the best we can for our students. Whether we are academic staff, o...
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  • Published on 15/02/21 by Sarah Simpkin

    HMV 12th February 2021

    It’s not been an easy half term; but I’m very proud of what we have achieved. The blitz spirit of the first lockdown has all but disappeared and the post-Christmas blues emerged in January. As a school and community, we needed to show resilience…and we did. Click here read on...
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  • Published on 29/01/21 by Sarah Simpkin

    HMV 29th January 2021

    A new year should always bring fresh challenges to nations, to schools, to individuals.
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  • Published on 16/12/20 by Sarah Simpkin

    HMV 16th December 2020

      This morning I spoke to the pupils about the novel ‘A Christmas Carol’. Why is the novel called this? It’s not about a group of carol singers; it’s about a miserly old man called Scrooge, who on Christmas Eve is visited by a series of ghosts, starting with his old b...
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  • Published on 27/11/20 by Sarah Simpkin

    HMV 27th November 2020

    250 years ago a very special man was born. Ludwig van Beethoven. He would revolutionize music. Beethoven epitomizes our core values: he took creativity, curiosity, caring and commitment to the extreme. I spoke to Year 8 this week about the great man. Beethoven had to work hard as a child and a teena...
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  • Published on 16/11/20 by Sarah Simpkin

    HMV 13th November 2020

    The Romans were famous for finding solutions to sometimes challenging situations: from defeating marauding armies to bringing water into their cities, ‘fortitudo per aspera’ (strength through adversity). This could well be a motto for Stoneygate School in 2020.
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