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  • Published on 17/06/22 by Julia Whittle


    In my eyes, Leicester Tigers are already the rugby champions of England. We did, after all, finish top of the Premiership table. In last week’s nervous ‘semi-final’ against Northampton, the Tigers were initially trailing - thank heavens they pulled through. The Head coach, Steve Bo...
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  • Published on 01/06/22 by Julia Whittle

    Duty and Service

    Last Friday we celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Queen symbolises different things to different people. Views on the monarchy vary; for some she remains a figurehead of stability in a changing world, for others she is symbolic out- dated imperialism.  Read more
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  • Published on 06/05/22 by Julia Whittle

    Taking Risks

    Sometimes I think the UK has become risk averse. Parents and schools certainly don’t take risks. Gone are the days when a child could leave the house to play and return several hours later. And yet it is important that children are taken ‘out of their comfort zone’.  Read More...
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  • Published on 05/04/22 by Julia Whittle

    New Ventures

    For many people Easter brings hope and a sense of ‘new life’. For some people in Ukraine ‘hope’ and the opportunity for a ‘new life’ have never been more pressing. On Monday, the Stoneygate community gathered in St Cuthbert's Church. Pupils led a moving and th...
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  • Published on 24/03/22 by Admin

    Arts Festival Week

    Last week we celebrated our Arts Festival. Creativity is an essential skill in both childhood and adult life. As we age, we’re required to problem solve, create plans and adapt to emerging or difficult situations. Read more here. 
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  • Published on 04/03/22 by Julia Whittle

    British Values

    I am proud of being British. Like any country, we have had times in our history that have brought shame, but generally speaking I am proud to be from this island. In 2011 the Prevent Strategy developed the notion of ‘British Values’ (to counter extremism in the UK); by 2014, the gover...
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  • Published on 11/02/22 by Admin

    Growing Together

    Team GB is yet to win a medal at the Beijing  winter Olympics and yet we can still marvel at the feats of Olympians like Chloe Kim. Kim is a phenomenal athlete and one who is prepared to take risks. To read more please click here.
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  • Published on 28/01/22 by Admin

    Optimism, Hopes & Seizing Opportunities

    Sometimes the easy option is to give up. Remaining optimistic in the face of adversity can be challenging. The last two senior assemblies have looked at people who have overcome the most difficult and harrowing situations. To read more please click here
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  • Published on 17/01/22 by Julia Whittle

    HMV 14 January

    The news this week that a 'Sea Dragon' (ichthyosaur), from around 180 million years ago, was discovered just down the road at Rutland Water has brought global attention. What joy that discovery has brought. It is said to be the biggest and most complete fossil of its kind found in the UK...
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  • Published on 16/12/21 by Julia Whittle

    HMV 16 December

    It’s been a busy last few weeks of term - Christmas productions, Carol services, trips, reports, fixtures, teaching and an inspection!  Schools should be busy in the last few weeks of the Advent term. If we’re not busy, then there’s something wrong. To read more click here...
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  • Published on 26/11/21 by Julia Whittle

    HMV 26th November

    Developing pupils who are creative and have the ability to think for themselves are important characteristics of a Stoneygate education. Our pupils are not robots, we want our pupils to compose, to debate, to draw, to imagine, to dance, to write, even to dream - just not in the lesson! We want our p...
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  • Published on 12/11/21 by Julia Whittle

    HMV12th November

    Messages are pivotal in society. What we say and what we do, and on some occasions what we don’t say and what we don’t do can be crucial. This week we have sent messages to world leaders; received messages from pupils on the other side of the world. We also delivered a silent tribute...
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