Ethos and Aims

LGS Stoneygate is one of Leicester’s oldest independent schools, having been founded in the city in the early nineteenth century.

It is now situated in forty acres of beautiful grounds at Great Glen and aims, as it begins the twenty-first century, not only to build on the best of its past achievements and traditions but also to be modern and forward looking. LGS Stoneygate prides itself upon the high standard of its teaching, the breadth of the curriculum which it offers, its small class sizes and the friendly atmosphere of the school. It embodies many of the best long-established characteristics of a prep school, namely, good academic standards combined with the opportunity to take part in a wide range of artistic, musical, sporting and cultural activities. It also prepares the children to move successfully at thirteen plus to a senior school.

One of our primary aims is to provide a warm, happy and inspiring atmosphere, where every child is valued and enjoys coming to school. We hope to realise the full potential of all our pupils by introducing them to a broad range of subjects and experiences at an early age. Children who excel in one area generally gain in self-esteem and become well-rounded, confident individuals. We achieve this with a dedicated staff and small classes.

We aim to provide the children with a varied and stimulating programme of activities as they move up through the school. Outside the normal timetabled activities, they can take part in a wide range of events - there might be an outing to a local place of interest (the Space Centre, for instance), a choir rehearsal at lunchtime, a talk by a visiting speaker, an inter-league chess tournament… The list is enormous. The emphasis is upon providing variety and new experience for the children.

Academic teaching is based on the National Curriculum but, in many cases, goes beyond it. LGS Stoneygate offers each child a broad range of learning experiences. The main academic subjects are English, Mathematics, Science, French, Spanish, History, Geography, Information Technology, Music, Drama, Physical Education and Sport. The school accepts children with a broad range of academic ability; it also offers support to those who may need it in some academic areas. The school encourages all children to reach their potential and to experience a wide range of educational opportunity.

Academic progress is only part of the picture, however, and children are encouraged to develop their social skills in a caring and friendly environment. Good standards of behaviour are fostered along with a respect and concern for others (the pupils raise a substantial amount of money each year for charity, for instance). Each individual member of the school community, whether child or adult, is valued. Above all, there is plenty of laughter, enjoyment and happiness in the school along with a collective sense of purpose and confidence.