School Uniform

School Uniform  is purchased from For a list of uniform requirements for all stages of the school please select the relevant group in the side panel.

Stoneygate School Shop

The School shop is open once a term to provide clean, good quality second-hand uniform for all pupils. Any uniform that is no longer required can be sent to the School shop. It must be in good condition: if you would not buy it yourself, then please do not send it in to us.

Amanda Burrell is in overall charge of the shop which is run voluntarily for the benefit of all parents. Please see the School calendar for details of School shop times and dates.

How do I use the shop?

PLEASE SEND IN CURRENT UNIFORM ONLY. We cannot accept old style uniform and sports kit.

Any items for the shop should be sent in at least one week before the next shop day, bagged and clearly labelled with your name and address. Clothes which are not clearly marked will be sold for the benefit of the School. Bags should be given to your child’s teacher who will make sure that Mrs Burrell receives them.

Garments are processed by Mrs Burrell. Customer numbers are allocated and attached to everything you bring in to sell. Whatever is sold is recorded on your account card and when the total amount owed exceeds £10.00 a cheque for the outstanding amount will be sent to you at the end of each term. Amounts of less than £10.00 will be carried forward. 

Any sums of less than £5.00 outstanding when your final child leaves Stoneygate will be donated to the School Resource Fund, unless you arrange otherwise. A commission of 20% is charged by the shop which also goes into the School Resource Fund. The proceeds are used to buy articles for the School such as computer or sports equipment. A sum will also be given annually to the School charity.

Garments will be retained for two years and if not sold after that date will be sent to a charity shop, unless we are asked to return them to the owner.

What we Sell

Trousers, blazers, skirts, summer dresses, coats, raincoats, white shirts/ blouses, pullovers, rugby shirts, grey shorts, PE shirts and shorts, skort, cricket trousers, pullovers and shorts, ties  and track suits; rugby boots, as long as they are well cleaned, but NO SHOES.

Some Quality Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when deciding what to send to the shop.

  • Jackets, coats and raincoats – frayed cuffs, holes, split seams and worn linings are not acceptable 
  • Trousers – no damaged zips, holes (even if repaired), split seams, altered hems and stains 
  • Shirts – no badly worn, grimy collars, tears, stains or faded items, please
  • Pullovers – worn cuffs, hems and elbows or badly stretched garments are not acceptable
  • Rugby shirts – as clean as possible 
  • White articles – no stains and good elastic in shorts 
  • Cricket trousers and sweaters – bad grass stains are not acceptable 
  • Ties – in good condition only, please

We hope that these notes will be of use and that the School shop will continue to be a thriving enterprise.