Leicester Grammar School Trust is wholly committed to Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, and expects all staff, trustees and volunteers to play an active role in creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment for pupils.

To this end, all policies and procedures relating to the Safeguarding of children are regularly reviewed and aligned with the latest version of Keeping Children Safe in Education. Our Safeguarding and related policies can be viewed in the About Us/Policies section of each school’s website.

The Safeguarding policy outlines the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees, whose members receive safeguarding training, as well as regular reports at Full Board meetings and via the Safeguarding and Well-being Committee, including a full annual review. Two members of the Board are nominated as Safeguarding Trustees. If you have any Safeguarding concerns or questions, you will find the Safeguarding policy, including relevant contact details here.

The schools are committed to the operation of safer recruitment practices and ensure that all staff receive regular Safeguarding training, including enhanced training for those with pastoral responsibility. Each school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead receives the time, support and training to undertake their role, which involves close contact with outside agencies including social services, the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and relevant health care organisations. Transparent procedures are in place for staff, volunteers or visitors to raise any Safeguarding concerns without delay.

The Trust’s Safeguarding policies and procedures, including its recruitment record (Single Central Register), are monitored and audited for accuracy, thoroughness and effective implementation. As a matter of good practice, and to ensure the safest possible environment for children, the Trust has also commissioned an external audit.

It is recognised that children do not always find it easy to raise concerns, and it is therefore our priority to foster an honest, open, caring and supportive environment, in which children are encouraged to talk about their worries and to report their concerns in a number of alternative ways. Our pupils’ safety is paramount and informs and underpins all our educational activity.