Why choose LGS Stoneygate?

Choose LGSS if:

  • you think your child would flourish in a small, friendly, happy school.
  • you want your child to make excellent academic progress- whether that’s reading in Year 1 or French in Year 8 - we monitor our pupils using national tracking systems such as PIRA (Progress in Reading Assessments), CEM and GL.
  • you would like your child to benefit from a choice of distinctive pathways to success and from excellent preparation for the next stage (e.g. 4-16, 7-13, 11-16, academic/vocational).
  •  you want your child to participate (and not simply be a bystander) in numerous co-curricular activities - we encourage all our pupils to perform in drama productions, sporting events, debates and create their own business (senior school).
  • your family adheres to our Core Values - the 4Cs - we want pupils, staff and parents to be committed, curious, caring and creative.
  • you want your child to have a traditional and yet forward-looking education. Good manners and reading are equally as important as ipads and the eco club. At LGSS pupils are not allowed mobile phones; they are encouraged to talk with one another!
  • you want your child to be inspired by beautiful surroundings - from lawn tennis courts to magical forests - this is a glorious place to study, to explore, to develop life-long friendships.
  • you think your child will thrive in a small, yet ambitious school (see future plans).
  • you would like us to know and nurture your child as an individual - with outstanding support for educational need and aspiration
  • you want high staffing ratios in EYFS and Pre-Prep.
  • you want your child to have a rounded, first-class education, without unnecessary pressure.