Scholarships and Bursaries

Are you a LGS Stoneygate Scholar?

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Scholarship Awards 2021/22

LGS Stoneygate scholarships are not means-tested; they are awarded on existing talent and potential to excel and are subject to the school's usual assessment process.

Scholarship awards are worth between 5-10 % of the school fees and offered to 11+ and 13+ pupils. The number and size of scholarships is at the discretion of the Headmaster. There are scholarship awards in four areas of school life: academic, sport, music and art. There is also an ‘all-rounder’ award.

The bestowal of any scholarship or award carries with it privilege and responsibility. Every scholarship holder is expected to set an example for the other pupils in their conduct and approach to academic study and to participate in the fuller life of the school, through its programme of extra- curricular activities.

The tenure of a scholarship is intended to be for the duration of the holder’s education at LGS Stoneygate, provided the holder’s academic progress and general conduct remain satisfactory and provided that the holder continues enthusiastically to fulfil the obligations associated with the scholarship.

When and how to apply:

The deadline for applications falls in November ahead of the academic year beginning the following September. Assessments are held in the January of the academic year the candidate is applying for. For more information on the assessment process and who to contact for each type of Scholarship, please see below:

11+/13+ Academic Scholarship

Pupils will sit an online assessment to judge their ability in both literacy and numeracy. Potential scholars will be invited back for an informal chat with the Headmaster and the Head of our GATE (Gifted and Talented Enrichment) programme. We are looking for pupils who are passionate about learning.

For further information email the Headmaster, Mr John Dobson on jdobson@lgs-stoneygate.org.uk

11+/13+ Music scholarship

Prospective music scholars should be at a level equivalent to approximately Grade 4 for 11+ entry and Grade 5 for 13+ entry. Ability on a second instrument is an advantage but is not a requirement. Candidates are required to play two contrasting pieces on their instrument/voice (plus a further piece if a second instrument/voice is offered), play scales (if instrumental scholars), demonstrate their sight-reading ability and take aural tests.

For further information email the Director of Music, Mrs Lindsey Ashwin on 


11+/13+ Sport scholarship

The ability to perform ‘well’ in two sports is desirable, but not essential. A high level of representation in one major sport is necessary (i.e. either county or regional). All potential sports scholars will have a general fitness assessment; they will also be monitored in ‘game play’ by two assessors. Sports scholars will need to demonstrate high levels of leadership, commitment and sportsmanship.

For more information email the Head of Games, Mrs Clare Fielding on


11+/13+ Art

Art scholars will need to show a keen interest and enthusiasm for the subject as demonstrated through their portfolio of artwork. The folder should include a variety of observational drawing, paintings and experimental pieces using a variety of materials and techniques. The students will present their portfolio of artwork to the teaching staff during a short informal interview. The artwork selected should be as recent as possible, preferably completed within the previous academic year.  Prospective art scholars will be asked to produce a “Still Life” study during a 90 minute informal exam using the media and method of their choosing (paper, pens, watercolour paints and oil pastels etc. will be supplied by the department although students may bring their own art materials if they prefer).

The scholarship will be awarded to the student showing flair, potential and enthusiasm for the subject.

For further information please email either Mrs Pauline Jakeman on


11+/13+ All-rounder award

At LGS Stoneygate we want pupils to pursue as many interests for as long as possible. If your child is showing academic promise and talent in another field (music, art, sport), then let us know. You might want to consider applying for the ‘All-rounder’ award.

For further information email the Headmaster, Mr John Dobson on jdobson@lgs-stoneygate.org.uk

Bursary Applications

Bursary support is available either for new applicants to the School or for existing pupils whose circumstances have changed. Bursaries are available only to pupils in Year 7 and above at LGS Stoneygate. Bursaries of up to 100% of the termly fee are available, subject to rigorous testing of financial need and limited by the overall bursaries budget. 

Please refer to our Bursary Policy on how to apply, which can be found below.