Reception is part of our Early Years Foundation Stage, and each child is encouraged to pursue personal and academic excellence, to respect and appreciate individual differences and to develop a sense of responsibility towards the community.

We create a happy, secure, stable and caring environment with a strong family feel in which children can acquire confidence in their own abilities, develop opinions and values, learn new skills and experiences and develop individual talents.

We encourage the children to be socially self-assured and to relate positively with others and to take responsibility for their own actions. Children are encouraged to express themselves clearly and imaginatively, whilst interacting with others to facilitate a practical understanding of what they have learnt.

We provide a balanced curriculum with both child initiated and adult focused activities allowing children the ability to apply their knowledge and to find pleasure and satisfaction in their work and play. Experienced and nurturing staff along with small class sizes enables each child’s individual needs to be recognised and supported ensuring progression.

We promote the spiritual, moral and cultural development of all pupils and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. Children are taught the difference between right and wrong and that politeness and good manners are imperative. Children are encouraged to be caring, courteous and kind and to respect and be tolerant of differences and diversity within the school community. 

Reception provides a happy, more structured environment where the children are encouraged to be confident, self-disciplined and motivated. There is a strong emphasis on the acquisition of basic skills which provide a firm foundation for future academic achievements.

We aim to gradually build up children’s levels of concentration and create an exciting and challenging atmosphere. 

Reception follows a child-centred, topic based approach, following the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. In Reception the children consolidate their learning and are taught to read and write using traditional phonics methods. Our aim when they leave Reception is for the children to be confident and enthusiastic learners, able to form letters, record and use numbers and read a range of books. 

Great emphasis is placed upon the children becoming increasingly independent and personally responsible in the learning situation. Varied and challenging learning experiences are provided to develop creativity and help lively enquiring minds expand their intellectual capacity.

We offer the unique opportunity of learning French from Reception. Pupils are taught in French and in the same way as they learnt their native language, developing excellent pronunciation. Throughout the year groups, there is reference to cross curricular links so that pupils can see French as relevant to other areas of work. Pupils use their French in games, activities, songs and rhymes. French phonics are also introduced. Topics include: ‘talking about yourself’, colours, numbers, parts of the body and animals. The aim of the year is to develop skills in listening, understanding and speaking French.

Assessments are informal and ongoing and are used to plan challenging but achievable activities and experiences that extend the children’s learning. Achievements and success are recognised and celebrated by everyone.

Reception has a dedicated, professional, caring and inspirational teacher who is assisted by two enthusiastic classroom assistants with NNEB or equivalent qualifications. In addition to the class teacher, the Reception children are taught by qualified Physical Education and Music teachers. The children play a full part in the drama, music and sporting activities of the school. Parents are invited to attend a variety of performances during the year.

The early years children are involved in many of the whole school activities, weekly assemblies, themed days and fund-raisers, encapsulating the family ethos of the school.