Year 3

You will notice a few changes as your child enters Year 3. The most obvious difference will be the division of subjects into lesson periods on the timetable. As we move on from Year 2 your child has a form teacher who is with them most often but, in addition, a variety of other teachers will teach their specialist subjects. The form teacher will be closely involved with your child’s pastoral care as well as their academic work and she should be your first point of contact with the school.

Year 3 are expected to read at home at least four times each week, they are set weekly Maths and English activities and spellings. They also have access to English and Maths online learning platforms. The main purpose of this is to encourage the children to work independently and to be responsible for giving in their work on time. We aim to set prep which lasts no longer than 30 minutes (e.g. 20 minutes writing, 10 minutes reading). If you find that prep is taking significantly longer than this, please talk to your child’s form teacher.

As the children move on in their education they are expected to develop academically and socially. It is important for children to become a little more independent each time they move on. In our experience, children enjoy having a little independence once they become familiar with their surroundings. We feel that they should be encouraged to go to the cloakrooms and change their clothes as part of this development. A member of staff will be available to assist if anyone experiences difficulty! The children have single sex cloakrooms from Year 3. Parents are most welcome in the classroom area if they wish to speak to the form teachers.


Year 3 continue to build on the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. La Jolie Ronde and Salut scheme are used as well as our own resources designed to develop the pupils’ language skills. The vehicles of story, rhyme, poetry and song feature greatly in the teaching and learning. Children are taught French grammar and greatly expand their vocabulary knowledge. Topics include: modes of transport, rooms in the house and animals. There is a focus on writing during Year 3 with pupils having their own workbooks. The aim of this year is to expand vocabulary knowledge and develop sentence structures so that pupils are able to communicate in written French.