Year 3

You will notice a few changes as your son/daughter enters Year 3.

The most obvious difference will be the division of subjects into lesson periods on the timetables. As we move on from Year 2 you will notice that your child has a form teacher who is with him/her most often but, in addition, a variety of other teachers will teach their specialist subjects. The form teacher will be closely involved with your child’s pastoral care as well as his/her academic work and she should be your first point of contact with the School.

Prep (homework) is set daily in Year 3. The main purpose of this is to encourage the children to work independently and to be responsible for giving in their work on time. We aim to set prep which lasts no longer than 30 minutes (eg 20 minutes writing, 10 minutes reading). If you find that prep is taking significantly longer than this, please talk to your child’s form teacher.

As the children move on in their education they are expected to develop academically and socially. It is important for children to become a little more independent each time they move on. In our experience, children enjoy having a little independence once they become familiar with their surroundings. We feel that they should be encouraged to go to the cloakrooms and change their clothes as part of this development. A member of staff will be available to assist if anyone experiences difficulty! The children have single sex cloakrooms from Year 3. Parents are most welcome in the classroom area if they wish to speak to the form teachers.

All the kit on the uniform list is used. A string bag, in which to keep kit will be given to your child at the start of term, and the cost of this bag will be added to your School fees account. Kit will be sent home every half term for you to launder if necessary and it should be returned to School on Monday morning. (Games shoes and blue jumpers are usually only sent home at half-termly intervals). Please ensure that raincoats are at School as we encourage outdoor play whenever possible.

Each child has been allocated a place in one of four leagues. The leagues are Minnows, Seahorses, Sticklebacks and Tadpoles. 

Merits (4 make a star) are awarded for written work, practical work, sport, helpfulness and good manners. The children have an individual record of their stars which are entered towards a league total each term.

Arrival and Collection

Staff are present from 8.15am and pupils should arrive in time to attend the their class registration at 8.30am. Year 3 children finish School at 3.30pm unless they attend after School clubs. Children should be collected from the Courtyard through the large green gates. Parents are requested to enter the School by the main drive and leave by the south exit; this is a one way system. There is a car park beside the new School building. Access back to the old School is via a path through the trees.

If your child is to be collected by anyone other than parents a note should be given to their form teacher. 

After School Care

Children in Year 3 have the option to stay for Aftercare until 5.20pm.

Health Policy

In order to prevent infecting other children, we would ask that parents keep their children at home for at least 48 hours if they have sickness or diarrhoea.

Food and Playtime Snacks

Adequate lunches are provided so that it is quite unnecessary for children to come to School with large quantities of food. Sweets (including chocolate) and chewing gum are not allowed but dried or fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks are acceptable. Any drinks brought into School should be in a non-spill, unbreakable container. Break time snacks should not be too substantial as this might impair the child’s appetite for lunch!

It is imperative that children do not bring in snacks that contain nuts. Children sometimes bring treats for others, e.g. to celebrate a birthday or other occasion. Please bear in mind the above information if sending anything in with your child.

Absence from School

In the case of absence, please ring the office or email your child's Form Teacher with a reason for the absence. It would be appreciated if you could let us know if the disease is infectious. Please try to arrange dental appointments etc, during the holidays. Children cannot be excused from games lessons unless they bring a note from their parents/guardians.


Your attention is drawn to the School uniform list (see below for link). Specific uniform items must be purchased from our uniform provider www.schoolblazer.com. Please adhere to this when next buying new uniform. It is essential that the correct uniform is always worn as it helps the child to feel part of the School. All belongings must be clearly named. Sewn on tapes are preferred (schoolblazer provide this service). It is essential that every item of clothing is marked with the child’s name. We have particular difficulty with underwear, swimwear, towels and socks. Children are reluctant to claim underwear and socks if these items are unmarked. Please note that trainers should be white.

All games kit should be brought on the first morning of each term.


The book bag is no longer used in Year 3. Your child may choose their backpack, which should be of a suitable size for the children’s belongings.

Personal Property

The School cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage, however caused, to property and personal belongings brought on to School premises by the children. It is therefore the responsibility of parents to make sure that adequate insurance is in force to guard against such loss or damage. It is important that children are instructed to take particular care of any articles of value whilst they are on School premises. Watches should have a name engraved on them. Electronic devices should not be brought to School.

Please note that mobile phones are now banned throughout the School.


We hope that you will find us to be friendly and approachable. All queries should initially be addressed to your child’s form teacher. You are always welcome to talk to your child’s teacher should you wish to do so.

Progress Reports

Parents are encouraged to take an interest in their child’s work and progress, and to bring any concerns to the attention of the form teacher. School Reports are issued as follows:

Autumn: End of Term
Summer: End of Term

The School will also arrange a formal opportunity for you to meet teachers and discuss your child’s progress during the Spring Term.


Year 3 children have the opportunity to join a variety of clubs. These are entirely optional. Some clubs are free and for others an additional charge is made.